Lora Lee HowardLora Lee Howard has been working to help Kentuckians lead fuller, healthier lives since 1981 as a University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension agent for family and consumer sciences education in Clay County. Recently members of the National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences elected Howard to serve as president-elect. She will become president of the organization in October 2017.

“I have been active on several committees at the national level for 20 years,” Howard said. “I felt it was time for me to give back to the association as it has given me so many opportunities.”

Through the years, Howard has spearheaded many programs and services from her Clay County base, and she has held many officer positions in professional development organizations. She’s also won numerous awards throughout her tenure in Cooperative Extension.

“I believe in extension and the services extension can provide to the families we serve in our counties and states,” she said. “I also believe in the commitment of family and consumer sciences professionals to provide research-based educational programs to help improve the well-being of the families we serve.”

Howard has a long list of county programs she has initiated, many supporting women’s health and nutrition. She has encouraged women to take part in cancer screenings, exercise programs and financial health programs, and she played a key role in creating a leader’s guide for Green Gardening.

“We are often told to find a job that we love and we will not work a day in our life; that happened to me,” she said. “My career as a family and consumer sciences agent has allowed me to work with many different individuals in a variety of roles to impact my community. I like to think that the work I am doing today will live on in the lives of the families and women impacting our community tomorrow and for years to come.”

The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences educates and recognizes Extension professionals who improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. The organization provides education in food preparation, food safety and nutrition, financial management, healthy lifestyles, home and work environment and safety, relationship and parenting skills and more.

Author: Aimee Nielson
Contact: Lora Lee Howard, 606-598-2789
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