Students in the Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles (MAT) department at UK recently had the opportunity to create window displays in the new UK Bookstore, which is located in the Student Center and looks out over the Avenue of Champions. Students who were enrolled in Aesthetic in Merchandising (MAT-237) created the displays. Each team of six was given a budget and specific products to display, i.e. UK plaid products, Nike merchandise, vintage UK apparel, college sleepwear, etc.

Window Display

“Students in this class study design theories and did in-class displays before doing the window project,” said Preeti Joshi, lecturer and internship coordinator for the MAT department. “With the store displays, students get to do a real hands-on project. This helps them transfer the concepts they studied in class into reality.”

 The window displays helped the students to learn how to work in a team, how to create the display within a certain budget, how to procure and arrange props, and how to manage time. All of the innovative displays are currently being showcased.

“Working with the UK Bookstore for our window displays was an extremely rewarding experience,” said Victoria Moore, a student in MAT-237 who participated in the project. “I chose to be a Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles major because I love the creative aspect of the fashion industry. Being able to work in a hands-on situation, as a part of a group, while being able to think out side of the box enabled me to use some of my strengths that I don't normally get to show in a classroom/lecture setting.”

Window Display with Lanterns

The MAT department prepares its students for positions in the retail industry such as buying, store management, visual merchandising, customer relations, and personnel. Graduates have also pursued careers in the textile industry, apparel manufacturing, wholesaling, and other areas of the retail industry. MAT students are encouraged to participate in industry sponsored research projects, and internships are a required component of the program, sometimes leading to permanent employment. Visit the MAT department at

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