Dr. David WeisenhornIn June, Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension welcomed David Weisenhorn as a Senior Extension Specialist for Child Development and Parenting. David received his B.S. in Communications and his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Appalachian State University. He recently defended his dissertation, completing his Ph.D. in Family Sciences at the University of Kentucky.

David’s extensive research and educational training in human development and family processes, paired with his military and professional experience as an individual and family therapist, provide him a unique understanding and expertise of families. With his combined 15 years of training and experience working with families, David’s primary focus is improving the quality of individual and family life through education, research, and outreach in the field of child development and parenting.

David’s research interests focus on the family process, family protective factors, parenting, and healthy communication. His previous work and publications have examined fatherhood in the military, attitudes toward the use of corporal punishment, and protective factors against depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

Dr. Cherry Kay Smith, Program Leader for Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, shared, “David brings experience in research, teaching, outreach and counseling…all skills that will contribute to FCS Extension programming excellence.  We welcome his leadership, professionalism and passion for helping Kentucky individuals, families and communities.”

FCS Extension is excited to welcome Dr. David Weisenhorn.

Author: Michaela Mineer and Kim Henken
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