Travis Williams -  Hospitality and Management Intern

Travis Williams is a hospitality management and tourism major who is currently completing his internship at the Griffin Gate Marriot Resort and Spa in Lexington. In an electronic interview, he shares his experiences:

What is your typical day as an intern like?

"Shadowing banquet servers and bartenders, and discussing what I learned with my supervisor at the end of the shift."

What is one of the things you learned as a student that you use often as an intern?

"Time management and teamwork. To be a good student one must be able to manage their time well in order to complete their tasks in a timely manner. This also applies to leaving a good impression on your supervisors at work. Teamwork also plays a big part because you must be able to be a team player in almost every job."

If you could share one piece of advice for other students in your major who are preparing to complete an internship what would it be?

"Make sure you have a good relationship with your supervisor. You're not just taking this internship to graduate but also to learn and be ready to contribute to the workforce upon graduation."

Posted 3/26/12