Living a healthy lifestyle is not the easiest task. Many of us find it difficult or say we don't have the time, money or patience. For some, the incentives to begin working toward living a healthy lifestyle can seem far and few between. That is the reason one program is dedicated to creating an incentive to be healthy.

The Spencer County "Healthy Heroes", a program sponsored by the Family and Consumer Science Extension Council, is a way of rewarding groups or individuals in the community for contributing to the well-being of themselves or others by making healthy strides and/or implementing or offering positive lifestyle choices.

Each month the council asks for nominations from the community. After the entrees are in, the Family and Consumer Sciences Council then selects an individual or group to receive the Healthy Hero award. The recipient is presented a plaque by surprise in their place of work or is honored at a reception. The award winner's name and picture are presented to the local newspaper with a write up of why they were selected for the honor. Since its inception in August 2010, Healthy Heroes has presented 16 awards to worthy individuals.

The Healthy Heroes program has served and continues to serve its purpose which is to encourage members of the community to strive to become healthier and to be active in making their community a better place.

Posted 2/1/12