Kentucky Nutrition Education Programs 40 year logoThe Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this December. A national program taught in all 50 states, the goals of EFNEP are to teach limited resource individuals and families how to make better food choices in order to improve the nutritional status of their diets.

Kentucky's EFNEP program reaches over 5,500 Kentucky families each year. Of those completing the courses, 95% report making positive changes in their eating habits, 50% consume three or more servings of vegetables daily, and 64% report planning meals and comparing food prices.

"The paraprofessionals truly carry out the mission of extension, which is helping people help themselves," said Elizabeth Buckner, Extension Specialist and Director of the Nutrition Education Programs at the University of Kentucky. "They seek out low-income families and help educate them about nutrition."

Teaching the food Pyramid

EFNEP is a federally funded program conducted by the UK Cooperative Extension Service. Programs teach food preparation, proper nutrition, the food guide pyramid, meal planning, food safety, and money saving ideas.  Programs are offered at schools, community centers, libraries, and farmers markets. County Extension agents coordinate and supervise the programs.