During the 2008 Spring semester, students in two courses in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles had the opportunity to participate in a unique experiential project - The Kentucky Plaid Project.  The project was designed for students to learn about product development from creative inception to finished product.

Students in MAT 350 designed what will become the official University of Kentucky plaid through the use of a special software program.  Students in MAT 559 designed Kentucky Plaid Project logos for use on apparel and accessory items produced using the plaid design.

An advisory board including industry experts and representatives from the College of Agriculture, UK Public Relations, UK Alumni Association and merchandising students helped guide the project.  This group was also charged with selecting the four finalist plaid designs and identifying the logo elements to be used in the final merchandise tag.

A nationwide Internet vote will determine which of the four finalist plaid designs will become the official University of Kentucky plaid.  Voting will take place April 28-May 5.  Click here to view the four finalist designs and vote for your favorite!

Beginning next fall, students in MAT will use the plaid to propose development of apparel products or accessories for future production and sale.