The University of Kentucky School of Human Environmental Sciences and Family and Consumer Sciences Extension have a rich history in research, instruction, and extension.  In 2003, the three-mission areas were joined as the School of Human Environmental Sciences merged with the College of Agriculture.  Since the merger, the collaborations with research, instruction, and extension continue to grow.  The collaboration will be highlighted during the Inaugural All-School Conference on December 4.
The All-School Conference will bring together 110 Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agents and 65 campus-based faculty and staff in the School of Human Environmental Sciences and Family and Consumer Sciences Extension.  Program highlights include unveiling of a five-year strategic plan entitled Positioning for the Future, discussion and dialogue with School Director Ann Vail and College of Agriculture Dean Scott Smith, concurrent sessions featuring collaborative projects, and departmental discussion sessions.  Mrs. Patsy Todd, First Lady of the University of Kentucky, will be recognized with two Centennial honors, and Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr., University of Kentucky President, will share remarks. 
Under the leadership of Dr. Ann Vail, Director of the School of Human Environmental Sciences and Assistant Director of Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, a 16-month process of discussion and discovery engaged over 280 people to craft the strategic plan. The plan outlines a four-fold mission focused on research, education, extension, and engagement. The groups involved include School and College administrators, faculty, staff, Extension agents, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and stakeholders.  The process of appreciative inquiry was used to discover the strengths of the School, outline the dream for the future, and design a plan to reach for a new destiny.   Nine goals provide the overall umbrella for a variety of activities designed to elevate and expand the current programs of the School.  Following the conference the plan will be available via this website.