Each semester, the Department of Retailing and Tourism Management (RTM) offers a unique, competitive experience as a part of a required class. Dr. RayeCarol Cavender teaches RTM 425 to enlighten students on the role of human resource management in the retail and hospitality industries. Unlike the typical college lecture, students in the class are challenged to solve a relevant case for the department’s corporate partner, Target. This year, students were given a case related to facilitating diversity and inclusion among Target’s store-level employees.

In order to complete the project, students are placed in small teams and paired with a Target team captain that is available to answer their questions about the company and its operations. Upon completion of the project, students present their final solutions to a panel of Target team members and executives. The judges critique the projects based on presentation delivery, content quality, and how the students react to questions posed by the panel.

The Target Case Study final presentations will be conducted today. The students from the winning team will each be awarded a $350 scholarship. Dr. Cavender shared, “the Target Case allows students to develop their critical and creative thinking skills by solving the case scenario.” This continued partnership between the RTM Department and Target not only challenges students through coursework, but also provides them with the opportunity to pursue future internships and careers with Target.

Author: Katherine Dale
Terms: RTM