Even though our lives are hectic, we're moving more in our cars than on our feet! Currently only 22% of Kentuckians over the age of 18 actively participate in moderate physical activity five or more times per week....and for our high school kids...it's even less.!  In 2008, Kentucky was ranked Number 1....for the percentage of inactive adults! This month on "Its About You", Diana Doggett, Fayette Co FCS Agent and Kelli Bonifer, Adair Co FCS Agent provide insight on why physical activity is so important to our overall health and how communities are making a commitment through events, such as Second Sunday, to move Kentuckians from the sidelines to the "playing field".

Core Messages:

  • Physical activity is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. A combination of physical activity and healthy eating is the most cost effect way to prevent and/or control chronic diseases.
  • Communities can provide the incentive for their residents to move, whether it's a rural or urban setting by expanding opportunities with sidewalks, parks, and trails. Partnerships with churches, schools and local governments can create a variety of venues for residents to be physical activity in their neighborhoods.
  • A statewide effort, Second Sunday, originated in 2008 with 70 counties participating and this year, at least 100 counties are anticipated to participate in the October 11th event. Second Sunday is a community wide event that emphasizes the need for local infrastructure to promote a healthy lifestyle for all and is a good example of how the University of Kentucky can work with communities throughout the Commonwealth to make this a healthier place to live, work and raise a family.
  • The idea of Second Sunday originated in Bogota, Columbia where government officials agreed to close miles or roadway on Sundays so people could bike, run or walk in a safe environment. Last year, the 70 counties participating closed a mile of roadway for four hours, giving over 12,000 individuals an opportunity to play together in one location.
  • On October 11, 2009, residents across the Commonwealth are invited to participate in Second Sunday. Kentucky is positioned to move from the sidelines to the playing field when we all take time to put on our shoes, go outside and enjoy the activities on a wonderful October Sunday afternoon.
  • Be there, Be healthy...and be counted!