"Eat right, America" is a simple phrase but often a difficult rule to follow! This is the theme of this year's National Nutrition Month® as designated by the American Dietetic Association. Now is a good time to teach your kids to eat right....and as an adult be the role model to set the example. This month on "It's About You', Sara Bogle, Family & Consumer Science Agent for Carlisle Co gives us tips on how to make healthy foods part of our family meals, offering recipe ideas that are quick to make and taste good! Sara also provides some insight on healthy eating guidelines for kids.

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Core Messages

  • Use the MyPyramid as the guide to eating well. Eat a variety of food, but in moderation. Click on MyPyramid.gov for detail information.
  • Children need the same variety of food as adults, but smaller serving sizes. For example, pre-schoolers's serving is 1- 2 oz of meat while an older child or adult serving is 3 ounces.
  • Children appetites and stomachs are small so snacks can be an important part of their daily food intake, IF healthy snacks are provided. Offer cut-up fresh fruits or vegetables, dry whole-grain cereal, peanut butter & crackers, cheese, yogurt or milk.
  • Teaching children healthy eating habits starts with the parent or caregiver. Be a role model and maintain a positive attitude about healthy foods.
  • Eating healthy can be economical and quick by using a combination of fresh and canned foods. Use canned meats to add protein to salads or casseroles.
  • Make one dish meals healthy by using reduced fat /reduced sodium canned soups, reduced fat dairy products, whole wheat pastas and frozen vegetables along with protein source of choice.
  • "Eating right" today is preventive medicine for tomorrow! Children of today will have a shorter life span than their parents if lifestyle (especially eating) habits are not changed. Chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes can be prevented if healthy eating habits start early.