Dr. Hazel ForsytheThe College of Agriculture and School of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Kentucky are honored to recognize Dr. Hazel Forsythe as a recipient of the 2008 Torch of Excellence Award for the college.  The awards are presented annually through the Lyman T. Johnson African American Alumni Club.  Dr. Forsythe received her award at the 18th Annual Lyman T. Johnson Homecoming Awards Banquet held in Lexington on October 17, 2008.

The Torch of Excellence award recognizes Dr. Forsythe as a person whose faith, hard work and determination has positively affected the lives of people on the UK campus, the city, the state or nation for the next generation.  Forsythe is a leader among researchers in Maternal and Child Nutrition with special emphasis on children with developmental disorders including autism.  Additionally, Dr. Forsythe examines complications of pregnancy related to nutrition.  Dr. Forsythe is known for her international work as well.  She worked with UNICEF and has published in Caribbean, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Singaporean Journals. 

Forsythe considers service learning an important tool in community nutrition.  She creates opportunities to practice with her students and guide them on projects that provide community nutrition services to populations who would not otherwise participate in preventive community health. 

The School of Human Environmental Sciences congratulates Dr. Forsythe for her recognition as a 2008 Torch of Excellence Award recipient.