Bod Pod in UseThe Department of Nutrition and Food Science now has a new tool to use in conducting research related to nutrition, body composition, and weight management.  The Bod Pod is a device used to assess body composition, and has replaced underwater weighing as the gold standard in body composition research.  The Bod Pod uses air displacement instead of water displacement to assess whole-body densitometry.  Measurements obtained from the Bod Pod include lean mass, fat mass, and resting metabolic rate. The measurements are relatively easy and quick to obtain and therefore decrease the time required and stress on research participants.  The Bod Pod can be used for adults up to seven feet tall and 450 pounds.

Prepping the Bod PodThree graduate students and four faculty members in the Nutrition and Food Science Department were recently trained to use the Bod Pod.  The device will be used to assess changes in whole body lean and fat mass in two weight loss studies this fall, and will also be used to educate all dietetics and human nutrition students on the potential uses in research and clinical settings.  Future research studies will also utilize the Bod Pod to assess fat and lean mass.  Questions about the research studies and use of the Bod Pod can be directed to Dr. Kelly Webber, Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science or Dr. Janet Kurzynske, Department Chair.