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Family Impact Seminars (FIS) provided state policymakers with timely evidence-based information on a variety of family issues. The seminars were created to increase the use of research in public policy decisions, and to encourage legislators and policymakers to consider the impact their decisions have on families.

The seminars were initiated in the 1970’s. The Kentucky Family Impact Seminars were coordinated through the University of Kentucky School of Human Environmental Sciences and University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. 

The seminars targeted state policymakers; including legislators, legislative aides, governor’s office staff, legislative service agency staff, and agency representatives. The seminars typically included two or three presentations given by a panel of premier researchers, program directors, and policy analysts. The presentations and discussion sessions provided a neutral, nonpartisan setting outside the political environment for policymakers to discuss issues and seek common ground. Each seminar was accompanied by a briefing report that summarized high-quality research on the topic and drew implications for policy.

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Seminars to Date:

February 3, 2015 - Building Strong Families for Kentucky: The Role of Food Policy Councils 
October 14, 2013 - Building Strong Families for Kentucky: Partners in Food and Health