Summer is a busy time for HES students to complete internships. This series will spotlight students and their intern experiences

 Baylee Johnson Walker Name: Baylee Johnson Walker

Major:  Dietetics

Internship Location:  Food Service System Management - Fountain Circle Care & Rehabilitation (Winchester, KY)

What is your typical day as an intern?

First off, my day is never typical or the same, which is a positive for me. However, my daily duties could include mini sanitation audits, organizing tray cards, visiting with residents about their food preferences or complaints, helping staff as needed, attending morning meetings, observing tray line or the dining rooms, and basically being the assistant dietary manager. Lately, I have been filling in for the dessert and snack position, which has been a lot of fun and hard work. I usually end my days with preparing for upcoming projects for my FSSM course and discussing them with my preceptor.

How are you applying classroom knowledge in your internship?

Right now, I'm mostly using my food service and sanitation knowledge on a daily basis during my food service system management rotation. However, all of my knowledge from my major courses has played a part in my placement. My management courses have definitely come in hand, and I have been using this real world experience to brush up on my management skills. Recently, I have been working some with the RD at the long term care facility. She has been helping me prepare for my medical nutrition therapy rotation by letting me do assessments, enteral calculations, and taking me through her daily work load. In addition, I have been updating both the RD and the preceptor with my classroom knowledge.

What is one key thing you have learned during your internship?

One key thing I have learned so far during my internship has been to be confident. My preceptor has given me so much confidence by pushing me to be independent and constantly giving me new responsibilities. I have found that by simply speaking up and not second guessing myself, people will start asking you for the answers, and seeing you as a leader and not a student.

What advice would you share with other students who are preparing to complete an internship? 

If I had one piece of advice for the other students preparing to complete an internship it would be to always be a yes man. I was told that before beginning my internship and it has definitely paid off! Even if it puts you out of your comfort zone, do it! You will be bettering yourself and proving that you could be a dedicated future employee.

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