Dr. Jason HansDr. Jason Hans, associate professor and director of graduate studies for the Department of Family Sciences, has been appointed to the National Council on Family Relations’ Future of Family Science Task Force. The task force is charged with formulating strategic and tactical plans to solidify family science’s identity as a distinct discipline. Additionally, task force members will suggest means by which professional development and leadership resources can be strengthened within the field. Lastly, the task force will focus on methods to increase the visibility of family science as a means to highlight the field’s role as a resource to communities in fostering better understanding of human relationships.

In identifying Dr. Hans for appointment to the task force, Diane L. Cushman, executive director for the NCFR, distinguished his service as characteristic of someone who is driven by a “passion about the value of our work to humankind.” Since 1938, NCFR has stood as the premier professional association for the multidisciplinary understanding of families. Current membership includes more than 3,500 professionals consisting of leading family researchers, educators and practitioners from around the world.  The NCFR’s primary mission is to provide an educational forum for its members to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards and work to promote family well-being.

Dr. Ron Werner-Wilson, chair, Department of Family Sciences remarked, “We are very proud that Dr. Hans is a member of a very distinguished group of scholars who are considering critical issues in family sciences.  Their charge - to formulate strategic and tactical plans, strengthen professional development and leadership resources and increase the visibility of family science – will help our field move forward.”

In addition to his appointment with the National Council on Family Relations’ Future of Family Science Task Force, Dr. Hans has received numerous awards for his dedication to the field of family science. In 2013, he received the American Council on Consumer Interests Applied Consumer Economic Award. Honors received in recognition of his teaching include the United States Department of Agriculture's Excellence in Teaching Award, the University of Kentucky Provost's Outstanding Teacher Award and the Patricia Brantley Todd Award of Excellence in Human Environmental Sciences for Teaching in the UK School of Human Environmental Sciences.

Author: Darrell Brewer and Kim Henken
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