The Department of Retailing and Tourism Management hosted merchandising and hospitality masters and doctoral students from Louisiana State University, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Tennessee for the 2014 Southeastern Graduate Consortium April 10 and 11 in Lexington.  The Graduate Consortium is a yearly event in which graduate students present their research, theses, and dissertation topics to peers and faculty members for feedback that may assist in the completion of their independent projects.  In total, sixteen students presented and discussed research topics ranging from winery development to Nike’s impact on consumer purchase intentions.

The Graduate Consortium Group

The consortium agenda began with a networking dinner and meet-and-greet event.  Students and faculty were able to interact and socialize with peers going through similar graduate school adventures.  The following day, all participants presented their topics in a 15-20 minute presentation and question session.

Seven master’s students from the University of Kentucky Department of Retailing and Tourism Management Graduate presented their thesis topics.  The list below details their research topics.  Congratulations to these outstanding students and to all of the students who attended the consortium and presented research.

  • Aniket Sengupta, Brand Analyses of Global Retailers versus Local Retailers in the Indian apparel consumer market
  • Mallory Douglas, Fashion Design Innovation among Designers in the Lexington Fashion Collaborative
  • Tara Hackett, Is it really sustainable? The Life Cycle Analysis of an Apparel Product
  • Catherine Kimbrel, Does recycling, as a social cause, used on labeling impact the purchasing decision of a consumer
  • Bella Cho, Potential Solutions for Select Rural Retailer Problems in Kentucky
  • Tabitha Huston, Analysis of Biological and Chemical Contaminants on Firefighter Turnout Gear
  • Damaris Aguilar, Researching Best Practice Among Kentucky Wineries in Business for 20+ years: Management and Sustainability in Tourism
Posted 4/25/14