On April 4, 2014, the School of Human Environmental Sciences held its first Graduate Student Research Day.  Graduate students in the three academic departments of the School were invited to submit research posters for review and presentation.  Twelve graduate student research posters were displayed on the first floor of Erikson Hall from April 3 through April 7.  Students were present to discuss their work for a one hour poster session on April 4.  The event allowed the students an opportunity to gain experience discussing their research with peers and faculty and provided an experiential learning opportunity to prepare for professional conference presentations.

Presenting poster

In addition to the poster display, four students were selected for oral presentations of their research.  These four outstanding students shared their research to a packed room in 128 Erikson Hall from 12-1 p.m. on April 4.  The presentations provided an additional opportunity for students to gain experience in sharing research.  We congratulate all the students for their excellent work.  A full listing of research posters and presentations is included below.


  • Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition
  • Bailey Greene, master's student - "Exploring the impact of emotional brain training on weight, depression, stress and food addiction"
  • Department of Family Sciences
  • Stephanie Armes, master's student - "Ethical implications of the Homeless Vulnerability Index"
  • Albert Ksinan, doctoral student - "Mediation effects by low self-control on the parenting-deviance link: A comparison of Roma and non-Roma adolescents"
  • Department of Retailing and Tourism Management
  • Wade Chen, master's student - "Facebook as eMarketing strategy for Lexington hotels"

 Presenting poster


  • Department of Family Sciences
  • Laura Frey, doctoral student, "Witnessing suicidal ideation in a classmate: How would first-year undergraduates respond?"
  • Amanda Westmoreland, doctoral student, "Bourdieuian theory"
  • Department of Retailing and Tourism Management
  • J. Damaris Aguilar Q, master's student, "Best practices for growth and sustainability in Kentucky wineries"
  • Bella Cho, master's student, "The Ghanaian fabrics project"
  • Mallory Douglass, master's student, "Body image of older adults"
  • Tara Hackett, master's student, "Sustainable fashion"
  • Catherine Kimbrel, master's student, "Vintage fashion as sustainable fashion"
  • Aniket Sengupta, master's student, "Brand analyses of global retailers vs. local retailers in Indian apparel consumer market"

Presenting poster

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