The Department of Family Sciences is currently hosting two international visiting scholars.  Dr. Serah Shin, a visiting scholar from South Korea, arrived in the fall of 2013 and will remain through summer 2015.  Dr. Neslihan Karaman, a visiting scholar from Turkey, arrived in January 2013 and will end her time in the department at the end of July.

Dr. Neslihan KaramanDr. Karaman (pictured at left with her daughter) graduated from Ankara University in Turkey with a Ph.D. in Educational Sciences; she is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at Başkent University, a private university in Turkey. Her research interests are in the area of adolescent development and she came to University of Kentucky to work with Dr. Alexander Vazsonyi, Endowed Professor in Family Sciences. Dr. Karaman explained, "I wanted to study under and work with Dr. Vazsonyi based on his excellent reputation as a researcher on adolescent development." Dr. Vazsonyi described this opportunity as "planting a seed for many things to come down the road."

While visiting, Dr. Karaman worked independently on her research, attended research meetings, met with Dr. Vazsonyi to discuss research, attended conferences, and presented her research to the Department of Family Sciences. In addition, she participated in Dr. Vazsonyi's graduate course on adolescent development.  Dr. Karaman collaborated with doctoral students in the Adolescent Development Lab. She added, "We all share common research interests and some of us will continue to collaborate after I leave."

Dr. Serah ShinDr. Shin (pictured to the far left with her Lexington friends) graduated from Seoul National University in August of 2011 with a Ph.D. in Consumer Science.  She came to the University of Kentucky to work with Dr. Hyungsoo Kim, Associate Professor in Family Sciences.  Dr. Kim's invitation to Dr. Shin was intended to provide an opportunity for students to interact with someone from a different university who shares a similar interest.  During her stay at UK, Dr. Shin has learned new things about her research topic, collected data, experience American culture, improved her English and met many new people.  She shared, "Coming to UK has given me a fresh and creative view for my research."

Dr. Shin is currently conducting research on the relationship between health problems and financial outcomes.  Dr. Shin and Dr. Kim have collaborated to co-author a manuscript examining the health trajectories of older Americans in relation to chronic health care.  In addition, Dr. Shin is preparing a research paper on the impact of health care costs for older Americans.

Both Dr. Karaman and Dr. Shin have made significant contributions to the Department of Family Sciences during their time as visiting scholars.  Dr. Vazsonyi commented, "The department has benefitted from the opportunity through the collaborations, exchanges and networking opportunities that have occurred."

Author: Joanne Hellmann, Communications Assistant, and Kim Henken, Assistant to the Director
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