Summer is a popular time for students in the School of Human Environmental Sciences to  complete their internships.  This series will spotlight student interns.

Student: Tiffany Thomas

Internship Location:  American Eagle Headquarters, Pittsburgh

What is your typical day as an intern?  I usually come in and look at the roll and see how we did compared to the allocated plan.  I always check a few blogs that pertain to my department and make sure nothing new and ground breaking has happened.  Then I will start on with my projects for the day.  Usually, there are meetings I attend throughout the day and we usually have a class at least once a day and typically touch base with another buyer or executive round table.  This industry is always changing, and so are my days! 

What is one of the things you learned as a student that you use often as an intern? Our textiles course came in handy, but I had to be refreshed on all of the fabrics.  Public speaking and communicating with others in the classroom was also very helpful.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students preparing for their internship?  Don’t just take the mandatory courses.  Register for any classes you think will be helpful for the career path you want to specialize in.