Natalie Eubank - Dietetics Intern Natalie Eubank - Dietetics Intern

Natalie Caitlyn Eubank is a dietetics student who is currently completing her internship. In an electronic interview she shared her experiences:

Where are you completing your internship?

“I am completing my internship through the Coordinated Program in Dietetics in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Kentucky.

The Coordinated Program provides a general emphasis and experiences in nutrition therapy, food service systems management, and community nutrition through a minimum of twelve hundred four hours of supervised practice and didactic course work.

Listed below are my rotations for my internship:
Community Nutrition- Kentucky Clinic Dentistry in Lexington, KY.
Food Services Systems Management- Jefferson County School and Community Nutrition Service in Louisville, KY.
Medical Nutrition Therapy- St. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville, KY.”

What is your typical day as an intern like?

“A typical day starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm. I am constantly learning about the organization I'm interning at and certain positions. I also work on projects or presentations to complete coursework or meet competencies.”

What is one of the things you learned as a student that you use often as an intern?

“At some point or another I have applied all the knowledge I was taught as a student. The skills learned in NFS 514 have been extremely beneficial because prior to the course I had no knowledge of how to successfully or properly perform counseling sessions. The lessons on learning to work with people that are not contemplating change or that are resistant have been most helpful.

Also, I believe as a student the program directors taught us a great deal of self-disciple, independence and maturity throughout our years through the coursework and program requirements.   This becomes extremely important because during the internship you will be required to initiate everything on your own.”

If you could share one piece of advice for other students in you major who are preparing to complete an internship what would it be?

“I would advise students to dive into all the information provided on Blackboard before starting the internship. It can be overwhelming but taking the time to read through everything will help one to better understand what is to come and what is expect of you.  Everything you need to complete the internship as desired by the program directors is in Blackboard; it’s really a matter of dedicating the time to reading through it all.

Once you have an understanding of the competencies, coursework and internship in general, you will be less stressed and able to enjoy the learning experience.”

Posted 5/12/12