Did you know that Family and Consumer Sciences Extension reported more than 1.9 million contacts with Kentucky individuals and families during the 2010-2011 program year?  The programs conducted through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Extension are leading to beneficial changes for Kentucky families as we focus on our goal to improve the quality of individual and family life in the context of each community within the Commonwealth.  

Programming successes are shared each year through the Building Strong Families profiles. Since 2009, these annual profiles have provided a snapshot of county economic, community and health information, and shared FCS Extension outreach results relative to these important issues.  Each year, 121 profiles are developed - one for each Kentucky county and an overall profiling summarizing state data.

The 2012 Building Strong Families profiles are now available on the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension website (fcs.uky.edu).  The demographic and community data included in each profile provides a picture of the needs of families.  The evaluation data summarizes the impact of FCS Extension programs relevant to these needs.

Laura Stephenson, Assistant Director for Family and Consumer Sciences Field Programs, commented, "Since the first year of the Building Strong Families profiles, we have refined the profiles to provide a context for decision-making, program delivery and evaluation.  The profiles share a picture of the economic and demographic characteristics of families and report the response of families to our programs."

Posted 2/8/12