Megan Elizabeth Day, a family sciences student at UK, was recently accepted to Teach For America (TFA). Teach for America enlists graduating students to teach for two years in an effort to close the achievement gap in our country.  Those accepted into the program are assigned to schools that are struggling with performance. Teach For America members receive leadership training and intensive career development while experiencing responsibility in a new way.

Megan Day entered UK as a freshman majoring in equine science.  She switched to family science when she realized she more thoroughly enjoyed the coursework involved and the possible career paths.  Megan has appreciated the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the family science faculty. With guidance from her advisor, Dr. Donna Smith, Megan made the decision to pursue employment after graduation versus entering a graduate program.  Through her job search, she decided to pursue Teach for America.  Megan was seeking an opportunity that would allow her to be happy, grow as a person, and help her community

Megan learned of Teach For America through an email from the Ohio and Kentucky Recruit Manager.  She received the email due to her leadership capabilities demonstrated in her honors society. She has held the positions of secretary, vice president, and president in Phi Eta Sigma.

Though Megan had never imagined becoming a teacher, she decided to apply for the program. To gain knowledge regarding education issues, she began conducting research. She became so interested that she started an organization at UK called Students for Education Reform (SFER). "By then, I knew that I would be devastated if I was not accepted," Megan said. "The application process was grueling, but I tried my hardest to show them all of my positive attributes." On November 8th, she received her acceptance letter with her assignment to teach secondary mathematics in Alabama.

Next semester, Megan's coursework will include classes for Teach For America in addition to her last semester classes at UK. After she graduates in May, she will travel to Mississippi to attend training sessions on how to teach, while she also teaches summer school. At that time, she will find out which city in Alabama she will move to and which grade level and exact subject she will be teaching. These decisions will be based on district needs. In August, she will move to Alabama to start her two-year commitment.

Megan in uncertain of the path she will pursue after completing Teach For America. "A lot of corps members continue to teach or go on to work toward educational equity," Megan states. With her excitement and motivation about this issue, it will be no surprise if Megan chooses to do the same.
Posted 12/20/11