The National Council of Family Relations, the primary professional organization for the family science discipline, is holding its annual conference on November 16-19 in Orlando, FL.

The following faculty and graduate students from the Department of Family Sciences will be presenting their work at the conference:


Kristyn Blackburn, Laura Compton, Ron Werner-Wilson, Trent Parker, & Nate Wood
PTSD, attachment, and IPV in a military sample: A preliminary analysis.

Laura Compton
Preparing for military deployment: The benefits of secure attachment.

Martie Gillen & Claudia Heath
Women's social security retirement expectations compared to elections.

Jason Hans
First comes death, then comes . . . babies? Posthumous harvesting of a spouse's gametes.

Nicole Huff & Ron Werner-Wilson
Adolescent attachment: Exploring electrical brain activity and family interaction.

Erin Powell
Sexuality in aging adults from a biosocial perspective: A literature review.

Nicole Stork-Hestad, Ron Werner-Wilson, & Jason Hans
Non-marital, romantic dissolution.

Ron Werner-Wilson, Joann Lianekhammy, Laura Compton, Nate Wood, Trent Parker, Claire Kimberly, Martha Perry, Kristyn Blackburn, Lauren Smith, Katie Terrana, Melissa Dalton, & Jillian Pucket
A pilot study comparing influence of deployment on military families.


Jason Hans
Attitudes toward conception using a deceased spouse's cryopreserved gametes.
Reproducing with a persistent vegetative state (PVS) spouse.

Ryan Fewins-Bliss & Martha Perry
Couples use of technology for communication: Functions and future directions.

Martha Perry & Ron Werner-Wilson
Couples use of computer-mediated communication for problem-solving.

Ahlishia Shipley
Lessons learned: Intimate relationship socialization among black collegiate women.

Posted: 11/17/11