Dr. Hazel ForsytheDr. Hazel Forsythe, Associate Professor for the Nutrition and Food Science Department, has recently returned from Sligo, Ireland where she attended the International Federation for Home Economics Council Meeting 2010. The Council of 210 professionals from all over the world is scheduled to meet every other year for their business meeting. The general conference for all professionals is held every four years and the destination for 2012 will be Australia.

St. Angela's College of Sligo hosted the Council meeting. According to Forsythe, the keynote speakers were:

  • Professor Martin Caraher, City University London, Health Management and Food Policy;
  • Dr. Kate Fletcher, London College of Fashion, Fashion as a positive force in sustainability;
  • Dr. Dympna Devine, University College, Dublin, the Research Chair, Social inclusion, diversity and schooling and whole school evaluation and
  • Dr. Marcela Villarreal, director, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations,Gender, Equity, and Rural Employment


As one of the 210 Council members, Forsythe represented the regions of the Caribbean and the Americas on the Caribbean Planning Committee. The committee evaluated Caribbean community responses to the millennium goals that addressed food security, poverty, and empowering women. The information gathered was then presented to the entire conference.

The conference allows professionals to discuss and gather information pertaining to worldwide approaches to research, tertiary education, and the State of the World issues that impact Home Economics. Forsythe stated that she "learned much about problem solving for families, individuals and communities in Ireland and the European Community and collaborated on ways to address worldwide challenges and interventions."

Forsythe and others who attended the conference were able to visit and tour many educational facilities that were located in Dublin, Belfast, Connemara, Galway and Donnegal.