With the new school year underway it is essential that students start good habits before they get set in a routine. The faculty and staff of the School of Human Environmental Sciences have compiled a list of "success tips" for students, both new and old.

Students in class

  • Read each syllabus closely.
  • Ask for assistance as soon as you have a question.
  • Go to class!
  • Don't be afraid of your professors. They are nice people.
  • Allow yourself at least an hour between every class.
  • Don't try to carry too many 2-hour classes.
  • Use the library early and often!
  • Concentrate on accomplishing your coursework at hand.
  • Follow your passions both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Get a planner and use it.
  • Get involved on campus
  • Check your UKY email often
  • Know and/or meet you advisor...they are there to help you succeed
  • Join your department's student organizations.
  • Engage you professors in discussion
  • Turn off your cell phone in the class
  • Think more about the material and the grade will take care of itself.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fiber.
  • Work as many internships as possible: it will most likely lead to a job.
  • Remember the freshman 15 (pounds). Eat more vegetables-not pizza.
  • For every negative thought, write 5 positive ones.
  • Plan your spending carefully.

Since no one is perfect and everyone has their downfalls, it is suggested that you do not stress yourself out by trying to follow all of these tips at once.  Pick a few problem areas, find a tip that suits you, and then master it.