Jennifer Hunter The Department of Family Studies and the School of Human Environmental Sciences welcome Jennifer Hunter to the faculty.  Hunter joined the School in July 2010 as an Assistant Professor and Extension State Specialist in Family Financial Management.

When Hunter was asked why she found herself interested in the new position, she stated, "I believe 100% in the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Having been raised in an Extension household, I understand the importance the Cooperative Extension Service provides to our local communities. Furthermore, I have a sincere passion for personal and family finance education.  The Extension specialist position in family finance provides me the opportunity to merge two things that I believe very strongly in."

Jennifer started work with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service in 2001 as an Extension Associate in Animal Sciences working with producers on farm recordkeeping.  In 2003, she transferred to Madison County as a 4-H Youth Development Extension agent. When she decided to pursue her doctorate she returned to UK's campus as a Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Agricultural Economics managing and developing a variety of Extension programs, including Annie's Project, KY Farm Transitions, and the new Kentucky Beginning Farmer Program.   When asked,  "Why is a state specialist for Family Financial Management even needed?" Jennifer shared the following. "The financial decisions consumers make on a daily basis directly impacts their future financial health.  The most recent economic crisis has made these issues abundantly clear, and I recognize that during the recovery period, we are going to be afforded a unique opportunity as educators to change the financial trajectories of the lives of our clientele."

Though she just started a few weeks ago, Hunter has big plans for her new job. She hopes to be able to assist families in financial recovery from the current economic situation and work to have them better prepared for the next economic event.  

To prepare for this assistance, Hunter plans to develop an understanding of needs of different demographics across Kentucky pertaining to financial management. She'll then take this knowledge to county agents and state Extension staff and begin to design and develop programs that will meet those needs.

Some of the programs that Jennifer is involved with include:

  • Kentucky Saves
  • KY Agriculture in Transition (Succession Planning for family farms)
  • Love Your Money (Financial Education for College Students)
  • Management in Tough Times College Initiative

To find out more information about these programs you may contact Jennifer directly at 859-257-3290 or via email at