In May of 2010 students, led by Dr. Diana Haleman and accompanied by Dr. Donna Smith, went on a three week long tour of Ireland. This study abroad trip was in conjunction with the Bingham Seminar (HMN 300) that Dr. Diana Haleman taught during the spring 2010 semester at the University of Kentucky.  

The Bingham Seminar examined Irish immigration to the US and culminated in three weeks of travel to Ireland. When there, students found themselves living and observing the very text they studied the semester prior.  Danny Tuner commented on his experience, "I found myself in a country with a history I could experience instead of simply study."  


Of the three weeks students visited Ireland, two were spent in Dublin and one was spent in Galway on the west coast. Adventures included excursions to Cork, Trinity College, the National Botanic Garden, the Wicklow Mountains, the Aran Islands, and the Cliffs of Moher. One student was quoted saying, "History was around every turn in the form of monuments, museums, churches and even the streets themselves"--Bailey Johnson.

Unfortunately, the Bingham Seminar will not be taught again until the spring of 2012. To find out where the next seminar will explore, please contact Colleen Horne from the Gaines Center at or 859-257-1537.

  If you would like to see more photographs and quotes from students from this year's seminar, please contact Dr. Haleman at or 859-323-0064 for more information.