The Kentucky Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (KAFCS) recently presented their 2010 awards.  Among the recipients are two current Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agents, one faculty member in the Department of Family Studies, and one distinguished alumnus of the School of Human Environmental Sciences.

The New Achievers Award, which recognizes emerging professionals who have shown potential for making significant contributions in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), was awarded to Allison Lewis, Extension Agent for FCS in Spencer County.  In less than four years in her current position, Lewis has offered a wide variety of programs to benefit the citizens of Spencer County, many of which have focused on health and wellness. The individuals who participated in her programs report having gained knowledge and skills to more effectively manage their weight, increase their physical activity, and improve their eating habits. "I have never seen an individual more dedicated than she.  She strives for excellence not only in her work life, but on a personal level as well," said a coworker. "She is a shining example of the future of KAFCS."

The Wiley-Berger Award for Volunteer Service honors outstanding volunteers whose work enhances the well-being of others.  This year's recipient is Amelia Brown, Fayette County Extension Agent for FCS.  Brown is known for her work with the Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA). She has been involved with the annual Gift of Life Challenge between the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville, a successful campaign to promote organ and tissue donation among student, faculty, and staff of these two universities. As stated in her nomination, "Amelia works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for individuals and families and the critical issues affecting people's daily lives in a changing environment.  She works to strengthen personal and family relations, encourage healthful choices, and identify resources." 

Dr. Martha Nall, alumnus of the School of Human Environmental Sciences, received the Outstanding Professional Award from KAFCS.  Nall has been very active in the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) and KAFCS as well as other honoraries and organizations.  She is an enthusiastic leader, serving as a role model for all professionals and students, especially the students she interacts with as a faculty member in the Department of Community and Leadership Development at the University of Kentucky. She has served as president of KAFCS, as well as 1st and 2nd vice president, and on numerous committees, many of which she chaired. Nationally, Martha has served AAFCS as Vice President for Development and Vice President for Professional Development.  She was a member of the AAFCS Centennial Planning Committee, and has been active in the association since serving as Vice President of the Student Section during her college years.

The KAFCS Leader Award was given to Ginny Ellington, a lecturer, teacher educator, and academic advisor in Family Studies at UK. Ellington has been and remains a strong member and advocate for KAFCS/AAFCS and has been active in many organizations related to the family and consumer sciences and teaching professions. In her various roles, she has influenced curriculum development in secondary, post-secondary, and university education. She has advocated for public policy that promotes FCS education in Kentucky and across the United States. "I cannot think of someone else in the field who personifies so well what it means to secure our future through education," said Dr. Ann Vail, Director of the School of Human Environmental Sciences and Assistant Director of FCS Extension. "UK has benefited greatly from her contributions as have others across the nation."

Congratulations to all the KAFCS award recipients.

Ginny Ellington, Allison Lewis, Amelia Brown, Martha Nall

Left to Right: Ginny Ellington, Allison Lewis, Amelia Brown, Martha Nall