The School of Human Environmental Sciences (HES), Family and Consumer Sciences Extension, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture have launched an exciting new program: the Kentucky Proud Recipe Database Project. This database will be a collection of recipes that have been updated to include healthier ingredients which are locally grown, as well as supporting diversified nutritional programming for Kentuckians. Recipes will be distributed throughout the state of Kentucky to promote locally-grown produce and healthful eating. 

Kentucky Proud is a state-wide program that encourages consumers to buy locally grown and produced food. By buying Kentucky Proud fruit, vegetables, and food stuffs, such as jams, jellies, cheeses, and meats, you are not only eating healthy but supporting your community by keeping food dollars at home. To buy Kentucky Proud products, look for the Kentucky Proud label at your local grocery store or farmer's market.

UK students in Nutrition and Food Science are also involved with the project. Original recipes were provided to the students by Family and Consumer Sciences Extension agents, which students then modified to make healthier and easier to prepare. These students have been able to alter 21 recipes in all, including country ham pot pie, mushroom lasagna, watermelon tomato salad, and blackberry dumplings.

"Students prepared both the original and modified recipes during three laboratory sessions and evaluated both products through taste-testing and instrumental assessment," said Tammy Stephenson, one of the professors who help run the project. "They also completed the nutrient-analysis for recipes and provided menu ideas for their product as part of a well-balanced diet."