Unfortunately for the students of NFS-403, the answer is no.

The Community Nutrition and Wellness (NFS-403) class, taught by Professor Ingrid Adams, coordinated an event with local 5th grade home school students designed similar to the popular, “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” television show. Students from the college class were pitted against 5th graders in a game show format where they answered questions from the following categories: community nutrition action, policy making, regulations and laws, how a bill becomes a law, and a surprise question category.

But it wasn’t just a competition. NFS-403 students organized an afternoon of activities for the 5th graders, consisting of an introduction to the School of Human Environmental Sciences, a tour of HES facilities including the food lab, and an orientation to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science.

Their campus visit culminated at 3 pm in the Worsham Theater in the Student Center, when the quiz show began. NFS-403 students rotated play against the local 5th graders, yet despite this advantage, they still lost 40 to 20. However, they didn’t seem to mind…and the 5th graders were excited to have competed and won against college students.

Community Nutrition and Wellness is taught each spring and provides opportunities for students to learn the basics of community nutrition. Assignments were designed so that students would be involved in volunteer activities, cultural experiences, and community assessment. Students worked in teams to assess the needs of a population, develop a nutrition intervention, and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. Thorough this assignment, students were provided with many opportunities to solve problems and think critically about community issues.

For more information about the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, please visit dhn.ca.uky.edu.