The University of Kentucky Woman's Club is preparing to celebrate their centennial in 2009, and students in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science are partnering with the organization for a special project as part of the commemoration.   The UK Woman's Club is publishing a cookbook featuring recipes from previous volumes issued in 1948, 1975, and 1983.  The project is providing an experiential education opportunity for students in NFS 304 for both fall 2008 and spring 2009.

The NFS 304 Experimental Foods course engages students in learning about the chemical and physical properties of foods and the changes that result from processing and preparation.  As part of this project, students in the course are developing updated recipes which include healthier ingredients or more appropriate food preparation techniques.   Each student in the course will work with one recipe for their course project, and approximately 100 recipes will be modified across the two semesters.   The students will prepare both the original and revised recipes and evaluate the products based on taste, color, texture and smell.  Students will also test product volume and thickness in the laboratory setting and prepare nutritional information for both the original and modified recipes. 

Once the student work is completed, the University of Kentucky Woman's Club will publish a cookbook including both the original and updated versions of these recipes.  Proceeds from the sale of the cookbooks will benefit the organization's scholarship fund.  Melissa LeVine, University of Kentucky Woman's Club member and coordinator for the cookbook project, is pleased with this partnership work and said, "We look forward to publishing a centennial cookbook after the students have revamped the recipes."

Dr. Tammy Stephenson, instructor of NFS 304, is excited about the opportunity this project provides for students.  Dr. Stephenson stated, "This is a great way for the 304 students to apply their knowledge of food chemistry and to have an end product that will benefit the lives of Kentuckians."