How can I access the Research and Extension resources in the computer lab in 208 Erikson?

The School of Human Environmental Sciences Research & Extension Computer Lab in 208 Erikson Hall is available to any FCS Extension specialist or associate, HES faculty member, or HES graduate assistant working on a research or outreach project with faculty. The computer lab is to be utilized as a temporary resource center and not as an office or study facility.  Use of the lab should be scheduled in advance. Please review the guidelines for further details.

Lab computers provide access to software including SPSS, Food Processor (one computer), Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Design Software and Microsoft Office. To schedule the computer lab, access the on-line reservation form 

Following are examples of how the lab has been used the past year:

  • Sally Mineer and FCS Extension state staff: New Agent training.
  • Sandra Bastin, Lemon Tree

For general questions and technical support:

Brian Fitzpatrick, Computer Support Specialist                    
102 Erikson Hall