Rachel Williamson, Merchandising, Apparel and TextilesName: Rachel Williamson Major: Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles, and ISC with a focus in PR

Expected Graduation: May 2017

Where are you completing your internship? Monique Leshman, New York, New York.

What is your ‘typical’ day as an intern?

There truly is no ‘typical’ day with Monique Leshman. At the beginning of the week we normally do paperwork, fill out invoices, ship out goods to selected boutiques and get in contact with television network programs to air her clothing and jewelry. The second half of the week, form Wednesday to Friday we are at her street vending table, where I am learning merchandising and able to actively engage in conversation with customers.

How are you using and applying classroom knowledge in your internship?

I am thinking all the time about merchandising and what visually will appeal to the customer. When we set up the street vending tables I am able to arrange the table and know what style combinations look best and what will make the customers want to buy!!

What is one key thing you have learned during your internship?

I didn't realize how much outsourcing was involved. I thought the designer had an idea for shoes, jewelry, bags, etc and they just made it. However, in reality, much of the time things are made in other countries in large factories.

If you could share one piece of advice for other students who are preparing to complete an internship, what would it be?

Go out on a limb and put yourself out there! Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid to not try! Through failing at certain tasks I have learned so much, and learned better ways it can be done.