1.  TRIP includes a travel request process.  This should be entered prior to making any travel arrangements for the trip so that the appropriate approvals are received.  If any travel procard expenditures are greater than $500 which requires pre-approval, the approved travel request form can be printed and attached to the procard voucher.

The HES Leadership team has agreed to make entry of the travel request document mandatory for out of state/country travel.

The travel request should be printed and routed to the appropriate Business Officer for budgetary purposes.  

2. Absence Record Required for Official University Travel

The completion of the Absence Record when in travel status for the University will be required in the School of Human Environmental Sciences.  This documentation is important if an incident occurs while in official travel status.

  • The form is to be completed for all travel types: in state, out of state and out of country.
  • The form should be completed by all faculty and staff, both exempt and non-exempt.
  • The form should be completed even if no travel expenses are being claimed.
  • A link to the Absence Record can be found on the HES website under Faculty/Staff Resources -> School Forms.
  • The form should be completed and submitted to the person responsible for payroll in the department.

These forms are in addition to the University travel procedures which can be found at:

Approved by Leadership Team on 2/16/12 
Modified 9/11/14 to reflect website changes